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Planning for a new program

Simplifying the Evaluation Process

Many programs involve an evaluation team early in the planning phase. For a new program or initiative, it is important to define what will be measured and how before the program begins. Our team has experience working with these new programs to design a successful evaluation.

Our strategy includes:

Develop a Logic Model - A logic model allows the program to define its planned activities. It creates a starting point where outcomes are clear and measureable. This process guides the rest of the evaluation.

Review Previously Successful Programs - Philliber can also bring knowledge of the findings of other projects with similar goals so that the new program can profit by what has previously been found to be successful. Sometimes programs ask for Research Reviews to help guide the process.

Build Evaluation Procedures - Another task in program planning is to build the evaluation procedures for the project directly into project operations and thus facilitate prompt use of evaluation. This may include Creating Databases and developing a process to collect and enter data.

Create Reports - We specialize in creating user-friendly reports that are easy to follow and provide useful information. We write evaluation reports for various audiences, including those who lack technical training in statistics.

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