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Senior Associate

Sally Brown, MSW, PhD
Senior Associate
Contact: 530-795-3618
Fax: 530-795-3619

Dr. Sally Brown has been a Senior Research Associate with Philliber since 1995. She has both an MSW and Ph.D. from the School of Social Welfare at the University of California, Berkeley. Sally has more than twenty years of experience as a program evaluator both in University and private sector settings.  

Her ability as an evaluator is enhanced by her ten years of direct service experience as a counselor, case manager and advocate for runaways, juvenile delinquents, youth in the child welfare system, and pregnant and parenting teens. For each evaluation project, Sally prepares an evaluation manual that provides detailed instructions for each data gathering instrument. In addition, Sally has developed "tool kits" and other "how to" manuals for building evaluation capacity. Sally has a keen interest in making evaluation data useful and accessible to staff and program administrators for the purposes of improving practice.  

Recently completed health related projects directed by Sally include a five year evaluation of the California School Health Centers Association and an evaluation of the jointly operated CDE/CDHS School Health Connections Initiative.

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