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Program evaluation for non profits, foundations, and governmnet entities.
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Contact Philliber Evaluation

New York - Main Office

16 Main Street

Accord, NY 12404
Phone Number: 845-626-2126
Fax Number: 845-626-3206

Cincinnati, OH
Phone Number: 734-972-5010

Portland, OR
650 NE Holladay Street
Suite 1600
Portland, Oregon 97232
Phone Number: 973-900-0739

Sacramento, CA

Phone Number: 530-795-3618

Fax: 530-795-3619

Philliber Research & Evaluation
16 Main Street
Accord, NY 12404
About us:
We are an independent evaluation company founded in 1987, committed to providing high quality evaluations.
Program Evaluation
Needs Assessments
Building Evaluation Capacity
Randomized Control Trials
Evaluation Training
Data Management
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